The first thing you should understand about WOW™


is that we have listened to riders and also invested much time scientifically testing different types of saddles to see how they actually perform on horses.  Because of this WOW™ named itself, being the one word everyone said when they rode on it.


WOW™ is also totally new way of owning a saddle. For the first time one can buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its’ characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines.


WOW is the worlds first modular saddle.  The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable!


WOW™ has proved that it is capable of performing at the highest levels of our sport in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Endurance and Racing.  The technology and concepts used to make this saddle are not to be found in any other brand. WOW™ is unique and truly "Saddlery for the 21st Century".


This web site is designed to give you a full insight into how and why WOW™ is unique. Take time to browse each element and by the end you will understand why this saddle got its name.

New WOW Supercool Saddle Cloths

Keeps your horse dry, sweat free and saves you time!

The space the fabric provides allows sweat to wick away from your horse and evaporate keeping your horse dry.  The fabric is easily cleaned under a hose for most of the time with only the occasional need to wash in a machine.  The cloth can be dried really fast just by shaking out!  So it is possible to wash the cloth under a hose and re-used it immediately!

Unique Features...




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WOW saddles are manufactured in the UK by First Thought Equine Ltd.

WOW saddles exclusively use Patented technology that can only be found in these saddles.

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