Jenny Dowsett: “I have heard good things about WOW saddles and they do have the WOW factor to look at. Never had a WOW saddle but would love to visit your stand to find out more as soon be looking for a new saddle Win
Zoe Cottam The flexibility/adaptability of the saddle. They are gorgeous looking saddles.”

Holly Hayes: “I love everything about them the way that u can change everything to u and Ur horses needs and that the front half moves with the horses shoulders. ive just not had chance to ride in one yet would be fab to win so I can visit Ur stall and have a chat about them for my youngster.”

“Lisa Dane: My love is two fold. The wonderful generosity of spirit And phenomenal knowledge David and Maggie shared with us. And our beautiful small panel saddle with human sized seating. With out those two I would still be scratching my head wondering what to do! X
“Lottie Armstrong Adaptability. No saddle has so many fitting options. Love my WOW!”

Louise Graham: “I bought mine after breaking my vertebrae to keep me secure with the knee rolls and comfortable on the seat and air. I still use mine 11 years on.”

Louise Graham with her WOW Saddle

Jessica Sedgwick“I love how adjustable they are and how much happier my horse is wearing his!”

Jessica Sedgwick with her WOW Saddle

Rachel Weller & Dean Evans: Rupert and I love our wow saddle. With arthritis in both hips and a hole in my spinal cord, the double stirrup bar is great to help put my leg in a comfortable, secure position. And the narrow seat and minimal bulk under my leg also fab” Rachel Weller Dean Evans with her WOW Saddle

Catherine Boyd: “Modular system, flexible for seat and panel size. So ideal for hard to fit horses.”

Hollie Brown: “How easily it can be changed its brilliant for the youngsters”

Sue Bob Burns: “Gosh, I am a total convert to WOW saddles, I have three. Supremely comfortable for me as a rider and works wonders for my horses, allowing them to build great muscle and strength over their backs and freeing their shoulders. There is nothing to compare.”

Joanna Brown:“Ive had my wow saddle on 3 very different horses… the latest being my huge Bear ? With very little adjustment or cost, or weeks waiting! Quick headplate change and we are off! I have 2 sets of flaps and can adjust this saddle very easily to suit my needs whether I’m schooling or jumping! It’s perfect and I get in a right old sulk if I have to ride in anything else.”

Faye Wienand: “The movement in the tree with the shoulders and the fact that there are no points. This has made a huge change in my horses way of going. So pleased I found Wow!”

Sophie Bowman: “I love how customizable these beautiful saddles are to not only make them completely unique looking a but also to have a completely unique fit especially for you and your horse. I just love them and they are lovely looking as well.”

Candace Smith: “After buying my WOW jumping saddle, my horse, Rodney, has just been so much happier. From the very start he wasn’t comfortable in my old saddle – he would jack up on landing over fences. His wither was very sensitive, and if anyone or anything touched it, he would react dramatically. We went though several expensive saddle fittings, but with no improvement we tried a WOW jumping saddle. Since then, Rodney has improved tremendously. He now jumps much more cleanly and keeps the same rhythm over jumps – his confidence has improved and he never hesitates. Even his flat work is much better. Instead of being a giraffe, he is longer, lower, more rhythmic, and his trot has gone from short, fast and pony-like, to a bigger, longer, extended stride length. He has had a noticeable improvement in muscle, and in attitude. I am so pleased with how the WOW saddle has helped my horse enjoy jumping as much as I do!!”

Ann Dugdale:“I can’t tell you what a difference the new seat has made. It is enabling me to sit so much stiller and maintain my position better. And Daisy is going really well, much softer over the back, much more forward off the leg, and giving me some real engagement, where I would have to say before she was rather holding herself under the saddle area and not connecting back to front…So I really have to thank you for helping us with the saddle, I’m convinced it’s contributed hugely to how well she is going at the moment.”

Addington winter regionals 2018 (2)

Jane Lishman : “Many thanks to my sponsor Wow Saddles for quickly stepping in and sending out some lovely new panels in preparation for our International 2* next week. With Wow saddles being modular it means I can still keep the parts I need and only change the part that no longer fits so no new saddle needed.”

Saddle adjustment for Jane and Ginger

Alison Woulds – Dressage Judge and Trainer:“At last I can ride pain free after a horrific injury, and WOW indeed I’ve been able to start teaching tempi changes and pirouettes! Maybe, just maybe, against the odds I may get to wear my top hat and tails again. Thank you WOW!”

Alison Woulds WOW Testimonial

Manda King “Many many thanks to the lovely people at WOW HQ for their amazing service today. You don’t get super service like that anymore. Absolutely fantastic. So grateful. Thank you so much Dave and Sam Prior WOW Saddle Fitter. Xx Oh and Sausage too for the cuddle and kisses.”

Becky Mentesh“I felt with the saddle, Marty felt a lot more engaged through his back end and his lateral movements came easier and quicker. My free walk within my test was his best all weekend, picking us up a 7.5 – we usually get around 6/6.5 for this. It was a great experience and thank you so much for letting me try a WOW – I’m trying to convince my parents for my next birthday present!”

Danny Franssen: “Wow is perfect for me because I can ride Esprit with the same 18” seat and flaps as my other horse Carinéé WZ only with 17”panels because Esprit is such a little horse.”

Esprit and Carinee

Hazel Nelson:“Why do I love Wow saddles? They been FAB for my ever-growing youngster as he needs regular adjustments, also I love the fact that they are modular so there is always something to suit all needs. I have both a jump and dressage and I love my dressage saddle with the adjustable knee blocks as I have a problem knee.”

Hazel nelson dressage 3

Johnathan Marshall :“I used only to be able to ride for 30 minutes at a time, having arthritis in my knees, hips and hands, but now can ride pain-free, enjoying 15-mile pleasure and sport endurance rides in my WOW

Johnathan Marshall - Testimonial

Alice Pearse, owner of Wonnacott : “Jamie Winduss, a Grade 1 para rider on my Advanced horse Wonnacott, has a WOW built specifically to accommodate his asymmetry and has flat flaps to help lessen the effects of his cerebral palsy. The narrowness of the twist and monoflap removes bulk to help Jamie stays as tension free as possible, and has helped him improve his riding hugely.”

Jamie Winduss Para Winter G1 Champ 2019

Jennifer-Anne McWilliam : “I couldn’t believe how adaptable [a WOW Saddle] could be …it has made a HUGE difference to my position and hence I have a happier horse!!!”
Jennifer-Anne McWilliam

Tory Ashby : “Oh my! The saddle was just so comfortable and my horse Charlie was incredibly happy.”
Tory Ashby first 10 mile ride May 2019

Muriel Colquhoun – Founder of Shoesecure for Horses : “Thank you so much from me and Muriel for getting those panels out so fast. She’d resisted riding him while she waited and he went really well in them yesterday. She got the first medium trot she’d ever got out of him!”
Murial and her WOW - STS1

Juliet and Maverick: “I’m not certain I made myself clear enough on how wonderful my saddle is. I honestly cannot believe the difference in Mav, he’s a completely different horse to ride in it and he is so happy. I schooled him in it today and he nailed every movement he wasn’t happy in before, even my vet noticed a difference! He’s always struggled with piris but today they were better than ever. Thank you for making something that helps us both out so much and for all your help to get it.”

Chloe Annear: “I also thought I’d take the chance to commend you on your incredible product! It has been a game changer for me after I got stuck in the cycle of buying a saddle and then having to change because my warmblood mare changed shape so drastically and so often! Her development since being in the WOW has been incredible, it’s such a great product! My local saddler is also fabulous, nothing is too much trouble and I’ve never experienced an equine professional so determined to ensure something is right, and not just “ok it’ll do” but actually right for both horse and rider.” 

Charlotte Byrnes“Hi WOW! I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team at YHL today! Me and my partner (him and her) came to your stand today and you were so kind and welcoming! I would just like to say a huge thank you to Maggie white for taking the time to talk to us through everything and help us find the best saddles for us! We are hugely impressed by your saddles and were incredibly shocked to find out how they work help the horses! We will be in touch soon to hopefully get someone out soon to help fit us some saddles! Thank you so much for your hospitality you’re absolutely amazing!”

Alex Moor and Charlotte Byrnes“Hi there, me and my partner (him and her!) would just like to say a huge Thankyou to Maggie White for her masses of help. We’ve never tried saddles or done anything like that before, nor have we ever learned so much about the workings and the whole process. We were hugely impressed by your brand and no doubt will be contacting you in the future.”

Jane Littlejohn “When I bought my WOW Herbie was novice/elementary level he is now competing Inter 1, working to GP at home. As he has changed shape, I love the WOW as it’s fully adjustable and just changed with him.”

David Britnell “I choose WOW Saddles for the ease of fitting, ultimate style and comfort, and above all, freedom of movement second to none.”

Jodie Coombes :“I would love to say a huge thank you to WOW Saddles for their support…”

Sabine Uschmann Maurer :“Good morning Maggie, I thought you might like the pictures and my feedback ;-). I am more than happy. His jumping was spectacular yesterday. 2 clear rounds over 1m to 1.1m. And for me, NO backpain!!!!! Wow. Did not await this :-o.”

Rachel Collins :“This hot weather is wonderful, but it certainly throws up new challenges! I’ve been making good use of my WOW Saddles supercool saddle cloth. It’s the first summer I’ve used one, so I was interested to see how well it would cope. It’s great! There is clearly much less sweat than on the days I’ve ridden with cotton saddle pads. That must be so much more comfortable for Muddy!”


Katie Magee, 4* eventer, physio and livery yard owner :“I’ve used wow saddles for nearly 20 years and as a qualified physiotherapist wouldn’t use anything else for my horses or myself.”