Christina Tietgen- A true performance

A true performance horse!

Christina Tietgen owns a 9yo Norwegian Fjord mare, Klosterhofs Jarle Baroness. The amazing pictures, taken by Christina’s partner Ole Joerke, show them shown competing recently in the dressage phase of a Leisure Horse event. This true test of an all-rounder includes dressage, an obedience/skill section, a group ride and a cross country course including water.

Their WOW Saddle, fitted by Christine Bilger of WOW Saddles Nord, allows this versatile mare to move in comfort, performing to her full potential.

In 2019 the pair of them were crowned German National Leisure Horse Champions, competing on equal terms against allcomers including TB’s, warmbloods, sport horses and natives. A fantastic achievement, highlighting the all-round ability and superb temperament of this striking breed.