Rid’Up stirrups. The unique technology, based on ski-binding release mechanisms, makes these one of the safest stirrups around – as well as being available in a variety of colours.

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The stirrup is a crucial component in ensuring rider security, safety, comfort and effectiveness; the Rid’Up stirrup addresses all these functions.

The outstanding feature is the patented hinged junction with the stirrup leather. The mechanism here is based on proven ski-binding technology, and has several benefits. It allows every rider to adopt their optimal position, with a secure but flexible leg resulting in efficient and precise aids, improving the horse’s way of going. It provides absolute security in normal use but releases instantly in a fall. The issues are the same: to create a system which remains firmly shut under severe but normal pressure, but releases very quickly in the event of abnormal twisting forces.

The body and platform of the stirrup are made of a high-performance but lightweight composite, while the wide bevelled footplate has stainless steel spikes, again based on ski technology, to give an efficient grip without the need of strong foot pressure. Under the rigid floor there is a shock-absorbing sole, which further improves the foot contact and contributes to relief of concussion to both the rider’s joints and the back of his horse.

The eye of the stirrup is angled at 90 degrees, making it easier for the rider to access and allowing the leather to lie flat. The hinge also allows the stirrups to be unclipped easily after riding, meaning that the saddle is not chafed by dirty stirrups.

To add the final touch, the stirrups are available in a range of colours: all black, or black combined with brown, grey, red or blue.
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