Terms And Conditions

First Thought Equine Terms and Conditions

First Thought Equine is a manufacturer of saddles which are sold worldwide to retailers whom then sell the saddles to their client, the end user.

The terms and conditions will differ according to whether you are buying from

  1. A retailer
  2. Direct
  3. Online direct purchase
  4. You are a retailer and have a commercial account

To explain this further:

  1. When buying a WOW saddle, you will normally be buying from a third party or retailer who has attended our training courses and will be advertised on our web site. If you buy from someone not advertised on our web site they will not be up to date in their training and fitting procedures and may never of attended any official courses.
  2. We do however sell some saddles direct to the end user client in the geographical area immediately around the factory. Should you buy a saddle direct from First Thought Equine you will be made aware of this when you make the appointment, and your invoice will be from First Thought Equine Ltd on our headed paper. Selling direct gives us feedback on the product first hand, in addition to meeting clients on our exhibition stands.
  3. In addition, we offer an online web shop, accessed through the portal off the front page of this web site for small parts associated with our products. The sale of items from the online shop is governed by the terms and conditions shown on the online shop.
  4. You are a retailer and have been provided with a commercial trade account. The terms and conditions ,payment and delivery terms differ from that of the end user .

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, if you do not agree with them, please do not request our services or ask to buy from us. Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.

  1. Buying a saddle or fitting service from a retailer who sells and fits WOW saddles.
  • your contract is with that retailer direct and you will pay them for their services and products supplied.
  • Should you have any queries or worries you MUST, by law refer back to them.
  • If you are unhappy you MUST also refer back to them as by law your contract is with them direct and if you involve a third party to change the fit etc without involving the original retailer, you potentially negate the original retailer’s responsibilities.
  • We expect retailers to take and hold saddle fitting records and invoice you correctly – You will require an invoice if insuring products such as saddles.
  • You should be asked to confirm that you are happy with the fit and service on the day that you purchase.
  • Please note that consumer law relating to new saddle purchases differs according to if the saddle is custom specified and made to order or purchased from stock…The law relating to internet sales also differs from the law relating to face to face sales.
  • If a retailer is not responding to your requests for help, please let us know as it our product’s reputation that is potentially damaged.
  • Most retailers book appointments several weeks in advance, so do not be surprised if this is the case. They should confirm the fees they will be charging you for the fitting service and travel in advance. These will NOT be those shown on this web site as they all have their own charging levels as they are not employed by us- they are separate businesses.
  • When we accept orders (any) delivery will vary according to the time of year due to a variety of factors and usually (not always) will be greater than six weeks. Time is never of the essence when we accept an order. We cannot be held responsible for courier delays.
  • Fair wear and Tear Guarantee – The WOW trees are guaranteed for fair wear and tear for five years from the date of supply new to the original purchaser, providing they are used for the purpose supplied. Leather parts with exception of the seat (tree) are guaranteed for fair wear and tear for 12 months from the date of sale to the original purchaser providing they have been cared for in accordance with our care instructions. Should you have a problem your contract is with your retailer and you should return the goods to them for further action.
  • We supply information leaflets and web articles for our clients, retailers and the public and such leaflets and articles are protected by copyright and you may not copy contents without the company’s express permission in writing.
  1. Buying products from the First Line online shop accessed from the web sites wowsaddles.com. www.flair.co.uk. www.korrector.com. and any other web sites owned by First Thought Equine Ltd. The terms and conditions are shown on the online web shop.
  1. Retailer Buying commercially with trade account from First Thought Equine Ltd. The terms and conditions are supplied on an annual basis for agreement and signature without which we cannot trade.

All Terms and Conditions

  • Jurisdiction – Our terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Company registration number is 3185860. VAT number GB 724 8348 20