Seat Styles

WOW Saddle Seats

The WOW™ saddle has a unique seat that is designed to make best use of the shape of our legs. Most saddles give us nothing to hold on to, giving a totally smooth line running from the skirts over the stirrup bars down to the flap. The WOW™ has a deliberate step between flap and seat creating a hollow that the leg sits into on either side of the tree. This promotes more stability and security by giving the leg something to wrap around rather than sitting on top. Sitting trot on big moving horses is easier, jumping has greater security as the leg can mould into the saddle and horse. The seat is seamless having no skirts stitched on to the softer seat leather; this means less wear of the seat and of you.

D Rings

Front D rings are standard. Double D rings can be specified on the front. Two D Rings on right and/or left or 6 all round back. Also you can have a D ring for an air jacket fitted in the center of the cut back head as shown.

“CC” Lady’s Seat

If you need more comfort in the front of the saddle then we can provide this feature by specifying a “CC” seat.

Padded Wings

The skirts over the stirrup bars can be padded providing more support in front of the thigh lifting the riders fork off the front of the saddle. Used in conjunction with a “CC” seat greater comfort for ladies who suffer discomfort in this area.

Channel Seat

This is the ultimate for lady’s who suffer from saddle rub! We can create a channel from front to center of the seat so that there is no possible way of the seat applying pressure where it is not wanted.

Covered Cantle Plate

The silver plate on the back of the cantle can be covered in leather of the same or a contrasting colour.


Seat are available on 16″, 17″, 18″ & 19″ trees.

seat-style-2 seat-style-1