Lesley prepares for Winters Gala evening

We caught up with Lesley Peyton-Gilbert during her busy preparations for the summer season.

Spring is trying to spring!

I’ve just returned from two days away at my trainers at Jubilee Farm and Paul Hayler. I try and get there for two days every month. This is such a great boost for me and keeps me on track, not just looking at the present and the coming season, but for the future of both of my horses. World Exclusive (Wex) continues to delight and his step up to small tour and the training development of the Grand Prix work is so rewarding. My new ride, Rob Roy, has been with me three months now and has changed physically and mentally. 16 months ago he was a show jumper in Germany and now he’s small tour working on GrandPrix movements too. As his physique improves so does his confidence , although he is very green when confronted with ‘busy distracting arenas’ but this will come as he’s such a lovely charismatic boy. The only sad thing is he is up for sale and really I’m working on creating a happy confident horse to, I’m sure go on to great things in dressage! Until then I will give him my best and work towards championship qualification and inter11 in the autumn.

So the two days away on my own with two horses and two dogs ( one my 10 week old puppy Pie) was exhausting! Thankfully I managed to avoid the traffic carnage that was the M1 that Thursday! Phew!

Wex had a very good High Profile show series. Although  at the regionals he was squeezed into second in the PSG music, we still qualified for the winter finals at Hartpury in two weeks. I love this show, the atmosphere, especially in the Gala evenings which we will be taking part on the Friday evening is like a continental show and great to do (fun comes into it but usually after you’ve done your ride! And you’ve poured yourself a glass of something!!)

April also sees my start of the Premier League circuit and for Keysoe the first CDI of the year. Super exciting for everyone selected and for Keysoe. I will hopefully do an international with Wex later on this year but I have to remember he’s only done a handful of tests at this level, he’s taken to it like a duck to water! so it can make you a little greedy!!

I also have the BEF Futurity season, an evaluation of young sport horses from foals to three year olds. It’s a route for some of our breeders to get their horses on to the Equine Bridge but also to give them help and advice and see where their breeding strategy is taking them. I am also booked up to do a few BD Young horse classes and I’m really looking forward to this. There have been a few changes in how this has been organised and some changes to the tests and I think this is really beneficial for the horses and the riders . Should make for a great finals in the summer!

My yard is super busy( just how I like it) and on the whole we are ticking along nicely.this is always aided by my staff, family and sponsors .#wow saddles #uhip#H&F feeds

This is Robbie showing how lovely the SuperCool saddle cloths are. I have two in black and for competition, white( they wash amazingly and stay white!!!) I took Wex to the gallops the other Sunday and he only had sweat marks under his girth! They really help keep the horse cool and comfortable. I wonder if I could have a top made in it??? Going to the gallops with Wex was huge fun and so good for him to do something different. We are lucky to have a well-fenced, uphill 5.5 furlong gallop with a good surface. So good for the horses! He also hacks once a week, and lunge as I try to maintain variety  especially as the work load has increased. Even during the depths of winter and mud we turn out all the horses. I think this is essential for them physically and mentally . I don’t have or want a horse walker , which probably makes more work for us but generally I like to keep the horses as natural as possible.

So that’s us for now looking forward….. One of the reasons I just love Spring!

L xxx