Pressure Testing- Girths

On 30 July 2021, WOW published a Video in which Mr Kempsell and WOW undertook an assessment of different girths available to purchase on the open market.

Whilst we stand by the results of the testing undertaken, we have since been made aware by CJ Proline ApS, the manufacturer of the Scharf Freedom Girth (‘Scharf’), that they consider the Scharf Freedom Girth to be incomparable to other girths on the market, particularly when using the pressure testing method used in the study, and without the use of the Scharf Freedom Girth’s user manual/instruction guide. Scharf do not consider, therefore, the study to be a fair indication of the Scharf Freedom Girth’s performance.

Specifically, Scharf purport the girth was not fitted properly in the testing. We apologise for any omission, and will ensure that in the future we contact the manufacturer of any products prior to undertaking similar tests to ensure they are content the products are being tested as per manufacturer specification. 

Our intention was to produce a fair comparison of girths on the market. It is important, therefore, to make you aware of Scharf’s position in respect of the testing undertaken in the Video, and specifically the alleged performance of the Scharf Freedom Girth. A settlement has also now been entered into between ourselves and Scharf in respect of the dispute about the Video.  

Girth Pressure Testing

A video depicting the results of a study we carried out on the pressures exerted by different girths. In summary, a well-designed sternum plate that lifts the girth away from the muscles either side of the sternum is generally helpful to reduce pressure points and enable free movement.

The results were also featured in The Equestrian Index. The article can be read by clicking here.