Stirrup Leathers

Single thickness leathers for minimal bulk under the thigh.  The core is made of Biothane with a breaking strain of 500Kg.  Being synthetic, it will not stretch.

Leathers need to be the correct length so that the buckle is between shin bone and top of stirrup.  Do not have the buckle on the flap or under the leg as is will damage both!

To figure out what length you need your stirrup leathers at simply measure from the stirrup bar you intend to use (front or back), down to the stirrup set at the length you wish to have and folded back up until the end is just below the flap. You do not want the T bar fixing on the flap. We recommend using a bit of baler twine to help get your length correct. However, please do not ride using the twine!

Stirrups can be made in lengths of 18″, 20″, 22″, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 32” & 34″ standard in Black or Brown other colours made to order.

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WOW Stirrup Slippers

WOW Stirrup Slippers are designed to protect your saddle from your stirrups.

The 3D spacer fabric is easily cleaned under a hose for most of the time with only the occasional need to wash in a machine. The cloth can be dried really fast just by shaking out! So it is possible to wash the cloth under a hose and re-used it immediately! For good measure the material also has antibacterial properties as well.


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