The Many Possibilities Of A WOW Saddle

Sam York Oakring Stud and Performance Horses tries a WOW jump saddle on a horse which has hardly jumped for some time – and is astonished at the difference it makes. The initial plan was to fit a dressage saddle to her talented homebred, Oakring Santino (‘Jack’). He has had a string of very good results inside the white boards, but hasn’t been jumped much in recent times. David Kempsell persuaded her to have a WOW jump saddle fitted, and made use of the many adjustment options to ensure total freedom for Jack’s shoulders, and ensure Sam’s position didn’t interfere with the scapula rotation at all. Listen to Sam’s reaction to the immediate difference to the way Jack jumped. This horse might be re-routed back to an eventing career! Maybe he will be an eventer and not only a dressage horse, after all….. She says:”There is lots to criticise, but it’s a real clip – and my real reaction!”

The Video can be found on YouTube linked below