Until Today I Had Not Truly Understood The Difference A Saddle Can Make

At Sheepgate Equestrian on the weekend, we met one of the judges, the delightful dressage trainer Alison Woulds. David was planning to drive back to Kent that evening, but changed his plans so he could visit her yard the next morning.
Jenny Folman Classical Dressage Tuition, one of our network of fully trained fitters, will be checking the saddle regularly for Alison, as the horse will surely change shape now he can use himself with such freedom. Adjusting the fit will be no problem with a Wow, of course.

Alison Woulds

The fitting went as we’d expect – but read it in Alison’s words, as posted in the British Dressage members forum. Here’s a snippet:
“…until today and in 32 degree heat too I had not truly understood or felt the difference a saddle can make. 
I have a tack room full of saddles so did not need to be buying a new saddle but after this amazing forward energy, a right shoulder-in that almost had me in tears it was so fluent, soft, easy and correct, a medium and extended trot I’d never experienced or had been able to generate on this horse before and to top it all be able to sit to in this saddle there was no way I was going to let David from Wow take that saddle away from me.”

Full quote and video here