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All about WOW

An informative video about our modular WOW saddles and their individual components.

WOW Saddles Gauge 2020

About the WOW Saddles Gauge and how to use it

WOW Saddle Assembly

How to take apart and put back together a WOW saddle.

How To Adjust FLAIR Correctly

A short video on how to adjust FLAIR correctly.

The Effect of Saddle Balance on Stride Length

Same horse, same rider, same day - the only variable is saddle balance. And the stride length is only at maximum when the saddle balance is correct. If the rider is tipped forward or back by as little as 6mm, the stride length is measurably shorter.

WOW Saddles - Headplate Fitting

This video is about how to fit all the different WOW headplates and what to look for with the horse.

Finding the Last Rib

It's important that the bearing area of a saddle does not extend beyond the last rib. David Kempsell shows how to find that point.

A Quick Check of Saddle Balance

David Kempsell, MD of WOW Saddles, has a handy hint for checking your saddle is in balance. One glance, every time you tack up, ensures you notice if a change of headplate might be in order. Such a simple way to keep your horse comfortable.

Changing the Headplate in a WOW Saddle

David Kempsell, co-founder and MD of WOW Saddles, demonstrates how to change a headplate easily in 4 minutes.

Why and when a curved girth should be used

David Kempsell designer of the WOW Saddle explains why you should check that a curved girth is suitable for the horse before using one.

WOW Saddles - Fitting a Fore Girth

David Kempsell Managing Director of First Thought Equine Ltd the manufacturers and designers of WOW Saddles describes how to fit a Fore Girthing Option to a WOW Saddle.

Making a WOW Western Saddle Part 1

Initial stages of making a WOW western saddle. You can follow the progress to the finished article.

Making a WOW Western Saddle Part 2

Follow the making of a WOW Western Saddle through production and see how much is involved. This video is the start of the third day!

Flair adjustment Francis Feb 2017

A video showing how easy a quick adjustment to a saddle fit using Flair air flocking can be with Francis Whittington

Talking About a left hand drive horse!

David Kempsell of WOW Saddles discusses left and right hand drive horses with Daisy Coakley

Jule Wewer, German event rider

Portrait Jule Wewer, German event rider, national champion 2014 (young riders)

Enhanced Radio Badminton ad

The Wow stand, saddles and Wow Ambassador Paul Tapner at Badminton